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Only four more exams to go!

1 May, 2013

Émilie-Anne Fleury

Already, my first year in university is nearly over. Only four more exams to go! Looking back, my first day in September seems so far away. Back then, I didn’t know what to expect from my classes: the workload, what to study, what types of questions would be asked on exams… But, having already lived through the fall semester, I was prepared for my second set of classes.

This semester, I had two math classes, Linear Algebra and Calculus II, as well as Physics II. I also attended a technical report writing class aimed at science and engineering students. Lastly, I took a technical drawing class in which I learned to draw objects both by hand and using AutoCAD.

One of my favorite parts of this second semester is the seminars offered to first-year civil engineering students. Every week, speakers told us about their careers, their specializations, their responsibilities, and their career paths. These sessions helped me better understand the field of civil engineering and its sub-disciplines.

I am looking forward to next year!