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New Beginnings

1 January, 2018

Nimra Dar

2017 is coming to a wrap with much to reflect on and lots to look forward to. I have just finished up my first semester of third year chemical engineering. It is nice to be finally back in Edmonton for the holidays catching up with friends and family now.

This semester was quite busy applying for internships, balancing extracurricular and academics. As Vice President Communications of the chemical engineering student society (ChEss) I had the privilege of engaging the student body on engineering opportunities, fundraisers and events. I was also involved in the SaskInvent Engineering Design Team in which we implemented ideas from academics and real life experiences in our projects. We are currently working on creating a 3D hand prosthetic that differs from traditional styles. The prosthetic will be used for those who have severed tendons in their hand and will assist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

I also had the privilege of being one of the Schulich Leader co-captain’s this year where I helped in organizing SLXSK and other events on campus. SLXCA was a phenomenal event where schulich leaders were brought together for a nationwide conference. It was truly an inspiring and motivating event hearing speakers from all over canada express their ideas. I am looking forward to next year’s conference!

Speaking about conferences, I had the opportunity to represent Usask at the Conference on Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering (CDE). The conference was located in Hamilton, Ontario where I met an amazing group of individuals from all over canada. It was a phenomenal weekend discussing the diversity in engineering and how that can be used as an advantage in the workplace and school environment. From interacting with a network of engineers and professionals I obtained a better understanding to issues pertaining to diversity; and how we can actively implement solutions to our community in a local and global aspect. As a female engineer and a visible minority there was much to learn from this conference in tackling stereotypes and barriers faced with individuals of similar background. By attending this conference I look forward to actively implement my learnings and furthermore help those around me tackle barriers in diversity and rather see them as strengths. At my trip to Hamilton I also got the chance to meet up with fellow schulich leaders from Usask, McMaster and UBC. Luckily, we got a quick hour to meet up for coffee where we shared our university experience and the current projects we were working on. Overall it was an amazing weekend with a lot to take away from. I will also be attending the Women in Engineering and Science (WISE) conference this February in Toronto. I am looking forward to this weekend of conversing with many like-minded females in the STEM majors and also meeting a few other Schulich leaders.

This January I am very pleased to say that I will be starting my internship with Husky Energy. I will be working in Lloydminster for a 12 month term. It will be nice to take some time off of school and focus more on the technical side of things. I am very excited and also a bit nervous as i’ll be moving cities and in a new environment but nonetheless this new learning experience will be well worth it. For the new year I hope to spend more time on improving my powerlifts, developing new hobbies and fostering new relations with this time away from school.