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My university experiences thus far have been amazing

1 October, 2012

Dulanga Ranasinghe

My university experiences thus far have been amazing. I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time, and it has gone by so fast. I am still discovering all the opportunities that university offers me. UNB is a very welcoming place, and from the first day, I felt at home here. I have made many new friends from many different backgrounds. There are Vietnamese and Singaporean students on my floor in residence and that has allowed me an insight into their cultures.

My classes are great and I enjoy every one of them, especially biology. The depth and detail of what we are leaning is far beyond my high school experience. It is just amazing to think that even the tiniest details on the subatomic level can have such a huge impact. My physics class is also interesting because it is physics for the Life Sciences. In high school we discussed mechanical aspects of physics, but now we are relating them to organisms and movement. It has made me realize how everything action is related to forces. That is probably the best part of university. It introduces so many new concepts that changes our view of the world. I am also taking introductory Chinese, which I greatly enjoy. Learning a new language is challenging but it is very rewarding. The course load is intense, so time management is key.

As for extracurricular activities, I am part of our house Glee team. It is an annual charity completion, within all the residences on campus. I am also in our house charity committee. Our house charity is Breast Cancer Research. Another thing a really enjoy on campus is going to the gym. I try to go at least four times a week.

Time has been flying by and it’s hard to believe that we have been on campus for two months already. Life at UNB is a great experience that I plan to make the most out of.