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My Semester

1 May, 2016

Lucas Ruel

My campus life was very nice this spring. I did an interesting project about the conception of plant of bioethanol from contaminated biomass. This project was intended to restore contaminated fields by phytoremediation process. Biomass was necessary to do phytoremediation and after biomass used to synthesize bioethanol, a plus-value product. Also, I went to Jardin botanique de Montréal. There was an exposition named Papillons en liberté. Greenhouses filled of butterflies and I admired insects and vegetation. Also, I played a lot at Badminton with my friends during the semester. I am proud to have finished my second year of undergraduate in chemical engineering, I did half of baccalaureate. Also, I won a travel in Europe with the Association des diplômés de Polytechnique. I am very exciting to go in Europe for my first time. I should choose my destination, but it’s hard because there is so many things to see in this continent. I planned to explore Quebec City for the Off-Season because I had an internship there this summer. During my internship, I will help to advance search about carbonation of carbon dioxide. Objective is sequestration of this greenhouse gas in carbonates to reduce global warming. I hope all Schulich Leaders have many beautiful projects and a good summer.