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My New Home!

1 June, 2018

Lucas Ruel

In winter 2018, I spent my last semester at Polytechnique Montreal and I got my diploma in chemical engineering. So, I left my life of undergraduate student to begin my professional life and it is really motivating. I got a job of process engineer at Rio Tinto in the aluminium industry, specifically in consumable anodes department. It is a very nice company to work and the whole team is amazing. Although, I had to move from Montreal to work there, it was a good choice because I love my new home. Now, I am living at La Baie in the Saguenay area and it is a nice region to do outdoor activities. Me and my girlfriend can do rock climbing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, sailing, skiing, cross-country skiing, fishing and camping. It is really the paradise for nature lovers! So, I am really happy of my new life and I made a lot of new friends at the job.