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My Home Away from Home

1 May, 2014

Brianna MacKeigan

My experience at Memorial University for my first year was definitely one to remember. The campus is absolutely beautiful, especially during the fall season! Although I had some struggles, the professors at MUN and the numerous new friends made it worthwhile. Living on campus was also a great experience. I was fortunate enough to have spent my first year in the New Residence and that was perfect for me. I met so many new friends and there are always so many people in the hallways and common areas to chat with. Being part of the varsity team also made my first year experience more memorable then ever. I traveled to almost all the Atlantic universities and was able to see their campuses.
Each of my professors were very helpful and were always eager to help. My chemistry professors also did experiments sometimes and that made class so much more interesting attend. The labs corresponding to chemistry and biology were very interesting and I learned more then I thought I would. Biology labs ranged from learning about each part of the flower to each part of a mammal while chemistry labs taught me how to titrate with my eyes closed. My other courses were equally as entertaining as well. I surpassed my pervious level of writing in English, learned how to take the derivative of a function in the first half of the year then learned to work backwards by integrating in the second half. My fifth course, Human Recreation and Kinetics course, was one I was more familiar with and more personal. I learned much more about health risks and how to workout more efficiently. Besides my schoolwork, I volunteered with some basketball campus with my teammates. They were so much fun! We taught and played some games with little kids to increase their basketball skills and work ethic.
Although I had a great first year, I must say I am thrilled to finally be on a long vacation! I plan to work most of the summer but for now I am relaxing and starting some volunteer work soon. I was accepted into the Kinesiology Co-Operative Science program for September but I am still indecisive on which career path to chose. I have lots of thinking to do this summer! Excited to see what next year will bring. 🙂