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My first term at the University of Saskatchewan has been a new experience

1 December, 2013

Paige Froese

My first term at the University of Saskatchewan has been a new experience. The courses have been challenging and enlightening. I’ve discovered more about what I am interested in and what I am not. There are several differences from high school, such as the professors’ styles of teaching, the assignment load, and the scheduling. At first, the number of people around me was overwhelming, but slowly I met a lot of them. I have had the opportunity to participate in events held by such groups as CCO, STM Newman Players, and Greystone Scholars. One of my favourite events was a Winter Formal hosted by CCO. I have also had the opportunity to attend daily mass here on campus and meet other strong, like-minded people there. My courses have been fascinating. This term, I found chemistry to be the course I am most interested in. I really liked an online lab that we had on molecular bond shapes, including electron and molecular geometries. The la bs themselves were a good experience. It was helpful to take the information we learned in class and apply it hands-on. It really helped to solidify the concepts. Psychology was a last minute choice for a class and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first, but the information turned out to be very interesting. Although it was not my favourite course, it really helped to connect to some of my other classes and the unit on memory taught me some new tricks for studying. The information from this class I found applicable to daily life in ways that the other sciences aren’t. As I learn more, I discover that I still want to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist someday. Even though this term’s biology class was difficult, when the professor mentioned a concept that had to do with the uterus I was fascinated and I cannot wait until I can learn more about the human body in other classes.