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My first semester went amazingly well

1 January, 2014

Audrey-Ann Lavoie

My first semester went amazingly well. I had the opportunity to learn many fascinating facts about the human body and the miracles modern medicine can accomplish. For example, in November, I had the chance to follow an ER doctor for three hours and learn more about this speciality. During my time there, a patient with a polytrauma, a 50-year-old man who fell from a fifteen-feet ladder and landed directly on his head, was transferred to our hospital. I thus had the chance to witness the incredible teamwork of health professionals. Physicians, nurses, radiologists, neurologists and inhalotherapists, amongst others, were all cooperating to help this patient. Everybody knew what was his/her role, and it was truly impressing to see them work and help one another, as it takes very serious discipline and organization for a dozen people to work around a single human being and for people not to step on one another’s toes while doing so. It was such an experience! So now I just can’t wait to see what next semester will be made of!