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My experience at MUN so far has been amazing!

1 December, 2013

Grace Marcoux

My experience at MUN so far has been amazing! I’ve met so many new people, and have already had the opportunity to try so many new things. Although university is definitely a change from high school, I have absolutely no complaints; my professors are very friendly and knowledgeable, and the course content is extremely interesting. What I’ve really found neat in university when compared to high school is the lab components of each of my three science courses. Not only are we discussing about how forces affect objects in physics, during the lab period we also get to discover how forces like gravity and friction play into the real world application. Not only do we get to learn about how bacteria grow and divide in biology, we get to actually grow our own bacterial cultures. Not only do we get to understand how atoms interact with each other, and how different compounds will behave under varying conditions, we get to do some wicked experiments that solidify this understanding! One chemistry experiment that I particularly enjoyed involved us taking a sample of copper metal, subjecting it to five different chemical reactions, and in the end getting back the same sample of copper that we started out with. It was mind-blowing, watching a shiny brown piece of metal become a blue solution, then a black precipitate, and eventually returning to its original state. I’m learning new things every day, and I’m loving every second of it… Even with exams looming just around the corner! I think it’s safe to say that making the decision to study science at MUN was one of the best I’ve ever made, and I don’t regret it for a second.