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More than halfway through my first semester…

1 November, 2012

Julie Wong

It is strange to think that I am more than halfway through my first semester here at McGill! Ever since I moved in two months ago, I have constantly been learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

The chemical engineering program here at McGill is indeed a rigorous one, and definitely very different from my classes in high school! Thanks to the many credits I have from the Advanced Placement (AP) courses I took in high school, I have actually been placed in U1 here, the equivalent of second year. Although it is sometimes quite daunting to work and study alongside more experienced university students, I love the depth and breadth of my courses, and being in second year allows me to get into the ‘meat’ of the chemical engineering program here, so to speak. Subjects like process design and data analysis are things I would never have encountered if I had been in first-year, and it has been very exciting to actually learn about topics specific to chemical engineering.

Outside of academics, I continue to make time for extra-curricular activities. In fact, there are so many opportunities for extra-curricular involvement here at McGill, I had a hard time trying to narrow down my options! As it is, I volunteer once a week for the Midnight Kitchen, a non-profit food collective that provides pay-what-you-can meals to the students here at McGill. Furthermore, I am a volunteer with the Royal Victoria Hospital, where I visit patients and assist them in whatever way necessary. University has also allowed me to try new experiences, such as the swing dancing lessons I attend once a week.

Residence life is probably one of my favourite parts of life at university. Living with a diverse group of other first-years who are all so talented and intelligent is both a humbling and an inspiring experience, and we’ve quickly formed a close-knit community. Indeed, I am part of my residence’s council as a House Representative, which has allowed me to be more involved in organizing events for my residence.

I am so grateful to be attending McGill, especially as a Schulich Leader, and I hope to continue my involvement in academics, extra-curriculars, and residence life.