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More Math and Physics Please

1 May, 2014

Kyle Wamer

In my second year at U of T I have really discovered how passionate I am about mathematics and physics. Yes, I was a motivated student last year, but I also spent a great deal of time devoted to other extra-curricular activities. Recently however, my exposure to math and physics has been so stimulating that I wish not to devote spare time to anything else. Next year I intend to push the envelope by taking a very ambitious course load, and committing even more time and energy towards my program of study. But don’t worry – I am loving every bit of it!

My two favourite courses this year were Advanced Classical Mechanics and Analysis II. The former was a physics course, and has inspired me to take all of the theoretical physics courses that are available to me. The latter was a mathematics course than began with topology and concluded with calculus on manifolds using powerful abstract tools such as differential forms. This course is the reason why I applied for (and successfully received) an undergraduate research award at UBC for this summer. I am currently working on a project entitled Soliton Stability, which deals with a certain kind of stable solution to nonlinear partial differential equations.