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Mindful and Thankful

1 May, 2016

Paul Kim

As I sit here, it’s 12:00 am on a Saturday night. This summer I’m working at the BC Cancer Agency Deeley Research Centre, and my continuous transition from finals to research seems to have taken its toll as I’m trying relatively hard to stay awake. It’s interesting because one of my childhood goals has been to work in a cancer research lab. Having seen so many friends and family affected by this disease keeps me motivated, and I’m constantly reminded of the significance of basic research as I study donated samples from past and current afflicted patients. The researchers here are so dedicated to solving this enigma we call cancer; it makes me truly inspired to work amongst them.
Recently, I was named a 3M National Student Fellow. Being nominated for this award was amazing in itself, but winning it was truly unbelievable. This is to say that there are many people who have done extraordinary things, and to think that I was considered to stand amongst them is humbling to say the least. I’m thankful for my nominators and the University of Victoria for supporting me through what may have been the most in-depth application I have ever written in my life. But most importantly, I’m grateful for the guidance and friendship that my nominators and friends have been so kind to share over the years. I’ll be flying out to London, Ontario in June for the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education conference where the Fellows will meet for the first time. I’m excited to say the least!
Until next time everyone, stay optimistic and as Obama said at his recent Rutgers University speech – don’t fear the future, seize it.