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Looking back on great year and forward to and even better one

1 May, 2014

Brady Hooley

This past semester at UNB has been a thrill-ride full of speed bumps and new opportunities. Studies were quickly put on hold when faculty walked out on strike in the beginning of the semester. However, the student community did not let this put a damper on our university experience. Rather, our spirits remained high and we continued be a vibrant community, planning weekly events to maintain student morale. Gratefully, after three weeks a tentative agreement was reached and university life returned to normal.

Following my undergraduate studies I am aiming to continue my academic journey by studying medicine. My courses this semester, namely biochemistry and genetics, have given me my first glimpse into the material I hope to someday be focusing upon and I could not be more motivated for the future.

As for the nearer future, my preparations are well underway for travelling to the Greater Kruger National Park area of South Africa to help conduct biodiversity and habitat surveys. In addition to the hands on work this will involve I am ecstatic to have found a UNB professor to work with in carrying out an independent study when I return.

In addition to my academic pursuits I am also continuing with my leadership role in organizing UNBSJ’s shinerama campaign. Shinerama is fiercely supported by our small but mighty committee who works tirelessly to host events in support of shinerama all year long. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this team!