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Learning to juggle

1 May, 2015

Benjamin Congram

Faster than I could blink an eye, another semester has flown by and I find myself done my first year of university.  It’s been an amazing year and I have learned many things. In high school I tried to do it all. There were just so many enjoyable extracurricular activities and I had a great time getting involved. I quickly realized “doing it all” would be impossible in university as there were just too many things going on. That there is always another opportunity to get involved is what makes university so great but it can also make it overwhelming. For me, there was the added challenge of adjusting from just two courses in my last semester of high school to seven in university. This past semester has really helped me to settle in and I look forward to getting even more involved next year. I have quickly become adept at juggling my academic studies while also finding time to enjoy other activities and take care of myself. For me this included helping out with Western’s AeroDesign team, seeing concerts (the Tragically Hip were great), and running a half-marathon. I believe activities like these are very important and finding time for them amid everything else university throws at you should be a priority. Yes, one goes to university to study and learn, and I am proud of the hard work I have put in academically. But university is also a time for personal growth and exploration. There is plenty of learning to be done outside of the classroom as well. As it turns out, picking up a set of juggling balls every time you need a study break is a great way to learn how to juggle.