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Laying the Foundation

1 June, 2014

Sarah Khan

My first year of University was a success; I can officially call myself a second-year student! First-year courses were an excellent introduction to some of the fundamental science concepts that define our world. That being said, I now feel prepared to delve deeper into those concepts in much more focused courses such as Microbiology as opposed to just General Biology. I am confident that my first year has prepared me to tackle my second year, and I am quite keen to do so!

Along with my academic pursuits, I took the time to get to know the community of Victoria a little better. I am currently involved in a Victoria-based group called Youth in Action sponsored by the United Way and Coast Capital Savings. I am a member of an 8-person team responsible for delegating $85,000 towards a community initiative of our choosing. Currently, we are in Phase One of the project; we are gathering information from community members to endorse a project designed to benefit everyone. I have personally met with community leaders responsible for providing low-cost counselling and free shelter to vulnerable members of the community such as women in abusive relationships. I am astounded by these individuals and their ability to give back to their community in such a loving and selfless way. I hope to learn from them as our team steers towards our own community initiative. Furthermore, I am excited to be a part of such a significant long-term project that I hope to s ee the positive results of around the time of my convocation.

My first year at the University of Victoria was rewarding both academically and emotionally. I look forward to next year!