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Joining forces at UVic

1 March, 2016

-Two UVic Schulich Leaders demonstrate the power of collaboration-

Written By: Austin Sawyer & Paul Kim


How did you connect with eachother?

AS: The first time Paul and myself met at the UVic Schulich Leaders dinner, we were going around talking about things we were passionate about and involved in. When it came to Paul he started talking about this new idea that instantly caught my attention. After talking more over dinner I expressed how I would like to be a part of his team. After a series of interviews I was brought on to the team as the Media Affairs Manager. This position was chosen based upon my connections in media and my passion for sharing ideas through presentations.


What is the nature of the project you are collaborating on?

PK: GivGro is a non-profit start-up that aims to invest donations in professionally managed funds to create a new model of giving; one that leverages the power of regular individuals who want to make extraordinary change. By bringing the power of market investing into the charitable sphere, we can generate returns to create a steady stream of income for charities, reducing their overhead costs on fundraising, which ultimately maximizes impact.


What was the motivation behind GivGro?

PK: Industries have seen massive change over the course of their lifetimes. For example, BlackBerry revolutionized mobile technology, yet when it comes to philanthropy, we see a stagnant sector. Charities operate on unsteady ground where a continuous stream of one time donations fund their causes. A couple of passionate leaders came together and asked; what if we could disrupt this unsustainable model? This is where GivGro comes in to change the way we give back to the world.


How has this new startup experience been thus far?

AS: So far the working with the team at GivGro has been nothing short of amazing. The meetings are fun and it is so great to have two Schulich Leader minds working towards one goal. The whole process has opened my eyes into what a phenomenally influential network we could have if all of the Schulich Leaders connected on projects such as this.  Currently we meet every week in conference calls online and perform a variety of research and start up tasks. I am so happy Paul brought me on board and can’t wait to see where this great idea ends up!


How did you seek out talent from the Schulich Leaders Network?

PK: As the GivGro began to expand; I immediately reached out to the Schulich Leaders Network to find motivated and exceedingly bright individuals to join our team. When Austin expressed interest, I was tremendously happy to have him on board. Each and every one of us are hard-working, committed leaders and I think this really illustrates the importance of our network and the talent that exists within. I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the Schulich Leader Network for seeking out top talent. I know that our team has benefited greatly from doing so. Additionally, if you’re interested in GivGro, let me know and I would be more than happy to connect.