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It's been an exciting first semester at Waterloo

1 December, 2013

Chloé Simms

It’s been an exciting first semester at Waterloo. Coming from a town of 15,000 to a University with an undergraduate population of 30,000 has been an amazing and overwhelming experience.

University is profoundly different from high school and I can’t express in words just how happy I am to be here. Every day is full of surprises. For example, on a whim, our physics professor got on to roof of the 4 storey physics building and began to throw rocks, Slinkys and an open box of old exams all while calmly shouting down the lecture explaining that centres of mass fall in a straight line.

Outside of class, I’ve had a blast meeting new people and experiencing the University and town of Waterloo. I live in a Living Learning Community, which means that I live with about 25 other science students and 25 students in a various other programs. It’s been great to meet people who not only get my science jokes, but make their own. There are also lots of international students on my floor and it’s been great to learn about their cultures.

Right now, I’m finishing my final exams and looking forward to going home for Christmas. I can’t believe how the time has flown. I can’t wait for next semester’s classes to begin!