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Introductions to Intersections

1 August, 2014

Jivetesh Singh Chhatwal

This semester was largely an introductory one with 4 out of my 5 courses named with “Introduction to-” and as they say, the first impressions are the best impressions. From reading Nuclear Magnetic Resonance graphs in Introduction to Organic Chemistry to understanding protein function and bio signalling in Introduction to Biochemistry, it was a pleasure meeting these courses for the first time, so to speak. I am striving to apply the lessons from the Introductions to Human Nutrition course to my lifestyle and it has been a fruitful challenge.
As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I am a director with Radhoc Youth Leadership which is a student club here at Memorial and this semester, we collaborated with the Engineers without Borders and Oxfam chapters to host Intersections, a global social leadership conference for all university students.The overarching theme for the event was the complexity and interconnections that are concealed behind seemingly simple problems. The event featured workshops on issues such as land grabs, food security, water and sanitation from all the clubs involved and also an Un-Panel where community champions talked to students in an informal setting.
In the latter part of this summer, I have been working as a coordinator for the Memorial’s Faculty of Science academic welcome event for the upcoming fall, Everything Science 2014. The experiences from this job opportunity have been worthwhile and by the end, I am sure I will have honed my skills in event coordination but I believe what matters most is that I will get the chance to inspire others to explore the world of Science by sharing my passion for it and that’s the job for a Leader!