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1 November, 2012

Nicole Shum

With the term almost coming to an end, my experiences at the University of Waterloo have been amazing and eye-opening. As a first-year Nanotechnology Engineering student I can see why Waterloo’s engineering program is one of the most prestigious and well renowned in all of Canada, as I have gotten to meet a lot of amazing and hard-working individuals through my program alone. Next term, my program will be holding its lectures in the brand new building, the Quantum Nano Centre (see my picture with the building in the background). I can’t wait to see this cool building and use its labs!

The academic transition from high school to university has been quite the challenge and so far, I have been really enjoying the trials of balancing academics, student life, and living away from home (I’m all the way from British Columbia!).

Currently, I am involved in several extracurricular activities, which include the Midnight Sun Solar Race Car student design team and UW DECA. I will be representing the UW DECA quiz bowl team this coming January at the DECA U provincials.

I am really excited for the future and I want to thank Seymour Schulich and the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto for this amazing opportunity. Good luck to all the future applicants!