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I Have Been Kept Busy

1 May, 2013

Brady Hooley

As one could imagine with my exams being only a mere three days away, I have been kept quite busy. Even more so in that I am heading New Brunswick's lead agency for Global Youth Service Day 2013 (GYSD) that will be celebrated world-wide from April 26th-28th. My role as coordinator involves rallying the participation of the Greater Saint John Area schools and ensuring that they participate by carrying out community service projects in their respective neighbourhoods. This is an initiative I have been involved with for four years now and something plan on being a part of for years to come.

I cannot believe that my first year of university is already coming to an end but I'm already looking forward to seeing what second year will have in store. Although I am studying in my hometown, attending university has allowed me to discover an entirely new community that I am proud to be a part of. It is great to be part of the small population of UNBSJ. It has allowed me to get to personally know the faculty and allows me and the other Biology-Psychology students to form a tight-knit community that I can’t wait to spend three more years with.

It is my wish that Seymour Schulich be aware of what a huge impact he has made on fortunate recipients of the Schuilch Leader Scholarships. It has allowed me to have my focus remain on my studies and being an active member in my community.