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How To Be a Great Leader

1 December, 2018

Advait Maybhate

Leadership is a very valuable trait that is relatively difficult to develop. In the modern world, leaders are valued in all professions. I strongly believe that leadership skills can be developed and are not something one inherently has. Here are a few tips for becoming a great leader:

  • Lead by example

    • If you don’t do something, why would anyone else?

  • Communicate often

    • Communication is a two-way channel

    • Make sure to listen to feedback from your team and incorporate their suggestions

  • Set clear expectations

    • Ensure your team knows what you expect so there are no surprises

  • Learn from your mistakes

    • It’s inevitable that you’ll make mistakes as you progress on path to leadership

    • However, it is essential to learn from these mistakes and never make them again

  • Stay humble

    • A leader isn’t a leader without a team

    • Don’t let your ego come between you and your team

  • Rise to the occasion

    • A leader would often face challenging situations and need to respond accordingly

    • As the proverb goes: “A stitch in time saves nine”. A leader needs to be sensitive to the signals he or she gets from the environment and respond quickly (or in some cases promote restraint).

  • Empathy

    • A leader needs to be able to relate to team members. He or she should be able to read between the lines and recognize the dynamics that is going on in the team

    • Empathy helps to reveal the underlying issues and helps a leader to drive the team in right direction