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Having finished my third semester here at McGill…

1 January, 2015

Daniel Kapustin

Having finished my third semester here at McGill, I feel as if I have fallen into a comfortable routine in my life, wherein I have had opportunity to join a select group of students in working towards a major in neuroscience. In particular, undertaking this major has allowed me to hone my specific interests in the natural sciences, as well as to gain a deeper understanding of brain anatomy, function, and mechanisms of interaction with the world around us.

Having recently had the chance to conduct ovarian cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital, I am extremely excited for the potential of applied neuroscience to ameliorate the lives of patients with many such debilitating diseases, and am hoping to participate in product development to create apparatus for this purpose.

Having been granted the Schulich Leaders Scholarship, I am delighted to represent the community in working towards the creation of a student group dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds for hospitals in developing countries, in addition to connecting students with international internship opportunities in health care through the support of Projects Abroad.

I look forward to my next semester here at McGill as a Schulich leader and am excited to learn as much as I can from the incredibly passionate professors here!