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Graduation: Finishing a Chapter in My Life

1 May, 2015

Kimia Sheikholeslami

With my graduation date quickly approaching, I am overcome with a feeling of nostalgia as I reminisce about my past three years at the University of Manitoba. Looking back at my University journey, I am grateful for all the new people I have met, the blooming friendships I have made, the great events that I have participated in and the wonderful professors whose courses never ceased to intrigue and inspire me. In terms of academics, this year was very exciting as I advanced to courses that were more tailored and detailed towards my scientific interests. Courses such as Human Genetics, Signalling and Regulation of Gene Expression, Glycobiology and Protein Activation, and the Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids, were thought provoking and further inspired me to pursue a career in science in order to contribute to the advancement of medicine.

My passion for science has motivated me to move beyond theoretical concepts in order to apply my knowledge in a laboratory setting by dedicating time to scientific research. This summer, I am very excited to begin my summer research in May, in the department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, College of Medicine, at the University of Manitoba. The opportunity to investigate cell-signaling pathways upon infection by a pathogen is of great interest to me, as scientific research is imperative to the development of medicine.

In two weeks, I will be standing before a sea of people in my cap and gown, as I receive my Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Genetics, with a Minor in Chemistry. Completing a four-year degree in a period of three years is an accomplishment that motivates me to continue working towards fulfilling my aspirations, because anything is achievable with hard work, determination and perseverance. As I finish this chapter in my life and enter a new one, I am excited to use the skills and knowledge that I have acquired to contribute to the development of science and healthcare in the future.