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Getting into the Swing of Things

1 May, 2013

Lauren Atkinson

This semester is definitely going a lot smoother than the first. Now I've gotten into the swing of things and it's a great time!

I've started a society with two of my best friends called Dalhousie ALS Awareness Soceity. We are dedicated to raising funds and awareness to go towards a future without ALS. We've only been up and running for a few weeks, so we'll see what happens! I've also started tutoring this semester with Frontier College, who I found through Dal. It's such a great experience, teaching elementary aged children as well as women's ESL. I also got into recruitment at Dal and travelled to a few places with some of Dal's recruitment team trying to get high schooler's to take a look at our school. It was a great time meeting prospective students as well as getting to know the Registrar's Office faculty, whom hopefully I will get a chance to work with this summer!

Classes are a bit more relaxed this semester now that we all know what we're doing and how it all works. It's great getting the chance to meet and learn about different scientists that are working at Dalhousie. After choosing to double major in biochemistry and microbiology, I actually got a chance to meet with a few professors that showed me their labs and talked to me about their outstanding research. That was definitely amazing.

Overall, I am absolutely loving being a Dalhousie student, and I just want to say good luck to all of this years Schulich Leader Nominee's! Thanks Mr. Schulich for this incredible opportunity.