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From Winter to Spring: A Time to Think

1 June, 2014

Adesewa Oloko

Coming back to the fair Ottawa winter after a holiday filled with the warmth of family members- old and new- despite the gruelling Saskatchewan cold, I felt rejuvenated for my second semester of university. The winter semester brought with it a flurry of new professors, different textbooks, and another whirlwind courseload. However, the winter semester’s most chilling bestowal was the question it left on the mind of each student: Is my program right for me? Being a Schulich Leader did not exempt me from pondering this. Like many of my friends, the joys and blows of the semester courses highlighted where my strengths and interests lay. However, I found myself to be contented with my program, Biotechnology, as it encompasses so much of my favourite subject: chemistry.
I became reassured of this love of molecules and compounds while attending a Careers In Chemistry presentation on campus. Hearing testimonies from researchers, engineers, graduate students and even a patent lawyer thawed my solid perception of what opportunities could be found in a chemical education. The opportunities could be measured by the moles and the education itself is riveting. Organic chemistry quickly became an ever present fixture on my mind and quite easily my favourite course due to the superb quality of teaching I received.
But, as every student knows there is a time for work and a time for enjoyment and on campus fun can be found in many of its nooks and crannies. With the winter semester came the much anticipated winter festival with its toasty beavertails enjoyed amongst friends on cool biting afternoons. As that treat blew over, it was quickly followed up by the lively poutine festival full of food trucks and melanges of flavour to welcome the reluctant spring.
When the spring clocked in and the hour of reflection dawned, I came to appreciate greatly what being a Schulich Leader offered me throughout the year. Being a Schulich Leader emboldens me to approach professors and fellow students with great zeal and to digest the lessons they offered. It serves to remind me of my responsibility to see life in my courses and not just impending evaluations. Most importantly, Schulich Leadership has afforded me a sense of support from the University of Ottawa and the Faculty of Science. Thank you to Mr. Schulich and everyone at the UJA for making my first year truly unforgettable.