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From Rouyn-Noranda to Quebec City!

1 January, 2015

Vincent Rocheleau

I left Rouyn-Noranda for Quebec City at the end of August because I wanted to be there at least one week before the semester starts. It is located approximately 850 kilometers from my hometown, so I only went there two or three times before my studies in this city. Only one day after I arrived in Quebec City, my mother called me to tell me that my grandfather died. So, I returned in my hometown to go to my grandfather’s funeral. That was not easy for me to deal with this and the fact that I had to leave my family at the same time. But, as the semester was going to begin, I returned by bus to Quebec City and started my first semester. Hopefully, time heals things well and I learned how to be peaceful with the fact that I was not going to see my grandfather again… 

As the semester was beginning, the first thing that I realized was that people at Laval University are very welcoming. Even if Quebec City is way bigger than Rouyn-Noranda, that was not too hard to accommodate myself to another lifestyle. I felt like I was at home even though I was far away from my hometown. On the beginning of classes, I matched myself with another student in electrical engineering to do pretty much of all our teamwork together. The atmosphere with all the students in electrical and computer engineering is incredible. It is just like we are a big family. We have our own group recognized by the university.

I got involved in the GAUL which is the “Groupe Aérospatial de l’Université Laval”. It is a group that promotes rocketry. So, as a new member of this group, I went to an event called “Ciel d’Octobre” from which I learned how to launch a rocket and how it works to be a part of a team on the spot. Also, I am going to participate to the IREC competition which is the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition. It is going to take place in Green River, Utah in June 2015. I am very excited to know that I am going to be part of this thrilling competition. Currently, I am in the telecommunication section of our group and as I will evolve in the group in the next years, what I will learn will give me the opportunity to bring interesting ideas in this part of our group of engineering students.

I learned and I did a lot in only one semester in Laval University. As I go, I really know that my place is there and that I am in the right program. I also already know that I am going to choose the telecommunication field of study when we will have to choose in which part of electrical engineering we want to specialize ourselves. 

I am very glad that my first semester went this well and I am sure that it is going to be the same for the other semesters. For the holidays, I am taking it easy with my family in my hometown to comeback more determined than ever to start another amazing semester at Laval University.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Vincent Rocheleau

2014 Schulich Leader in engineering at Laval University