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First semester of my second year of science…

1 January, 2014

Brady Hooley

First semester of my second year of science has been nothing but a positive experience for me. It is great to be able to begin to choose courses that are directed toward my interests and major (Biology-Psychology) such as zoology and advanced psychology courses.
Also contributing to my academic experience this year is participating in an Operation Wallacea research project this summer coming. This means that for three weeks I will be living in the bush in South Africa helping to quantify the impact of concentrated elephant populations on the local environment followed by a week long diving course in the Indian Ocean.
I’m also happy to have been able to take a leadership role in organizing UNBSJ’s shinerama campaign including organizing fundraising events that led up to shine day. We rallied at Saint John’s Canada Day celebrations, ran coat checks at campus events and held numerous other small fundraisers to supplement money raised on shine day. Shinerama is both a great way to get first year students involved in their university and to raise money for CF research and I can’t wait to be involved again next year!