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Figuring Out First Year

1 June, 2014

Annie Schubert

Finishing my first year of university has taught me so much about how to study effectively, what I’m interested in learning about and how to incorporate fun into my school life in a balanced way. I cannot believe how quickly it has all gone by!

The class that I came to enjoy most this year was surprisingly my second-term physics course. After struggling in the first-term component of the class, I challenged myself to work harder and as a result reaped the rewards this past term. This process has reminded me that when I commit to doing the best job that I can in a positive way as well as seek help when I am in need of it I am so much more capable of reaching my goals. Although I am not quite brave enough for a second year physics course, taking this class has sparked an interest in me to study a bit of astronomy as an elective in my coming years at the U of S. With that I am excited for my study habits to continue to improve as I enter my second year.

Other highlights from my classes included studying the metabolic activity of goldfish in my biology lab, creating electrolytic cells in chemistry, determining the half-life of radioactive metals in physics and participating in a variety of psychological studies, one of which I had to run up and down stairs after class for a period of time.

This past year I took a break from one of my favourite hobbies, dance, and I am excited to revisit it this summer through new classes. The dance team that I helped coached this past year were both City and Provincial champions and greatly inspired me to revisit something that I love to do so much.

I am now looking forward to my summer break where I will be continuing to experiment with science by working on campus for Sci-Fi Summer Camps. I can’t wait to combine my love of working with children with my area of study for the next four months. So far this summer we have set off water-powered bottle rockets, created “elephant toothpaste”, built “hexaflexagons” and so much more!

I am eager to see what next year has in store for me as I officially begin to pursue my degree in Physiology and Pharmacology. Dissections, anatomy and medicine, here I come!