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Beyond the Norm

1 June, 2014

Paige Froese

I got to talk some courses that I really enjoyed during second term. I chose a major after taking my first biomedical science class. I am officially a biochemistry major. I was fascinated by how such tiny changes in molecular structure can cause massive changes in function.
The Greystone Scholar Society hosted an info night for different fields, including medicine, where the undergrad students could ask grad students and some of the professors from the professional colleges questions about their field and the requirements and courses and such. I really enjoyed being able to speak to the students who were currently taking their degree because it provided me with a more personal insight into the process.
My courses this term were challenging, even more so than the first term, but it just required a little more concentration and I made it through successfully. Physics especially challenged me. I really enjoyed the labs, but the theory took some effort to wrap my head around. I did, however, pull it off in the end and I was pretty excited about it.
After the winter term ended, I had a brief break and then flew off to Trois-Rivières, Québéc, which is where I sit while I write this. I am attending the program Explore, which is a 5-week program to study french and to be immersed in it. The experience has definitely challenged me out of my personal bubble and beyond what is the norm for me, but it has been good for me. My french has been improving substantially, I have met so many new people and I have had an unforgettable time here. And it’s not even finished! So all I can say for now is that it is good to go beyond what you think your limits are sometimes and try something new, you might surprise yourself.