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Before coming to the University of Victoria…

1 February, 2014

Sarah Khan

Before coming to the University of Victoria, I expected to be overwhelmed by the new and much larger city as well as the calibre of university-level courses. Though I did have to adapt to such drastic changes once I arrived, I felt entirely normal being at the University of Victoria. The word “normal” may be an ordinary adjective, but it was truly how I felt: as if I belonged here. The same feeling remains strong today; the University of Victoria is a world of knowledge that I am just itching to explore. In fact, it’s this aspect of university life that makes having a busy schedule so pleasant! In lectures, we’re getting to know our distant cousin the sponge while in labs, we’re extracting pure caffeine from tea leaves. I am slowly beginning to see the extent of human knowledge and consequently, just how wonderful the world really is.

Of course, in the midst of it all, finding the time to balance academics with other aspects of my life is proving difficult – but I’m trying! I have managed to attend a weekly dance class as well as volunteer with the University of Victoria’s Equity and Human Rights Club. It definitely helps to be surrounded by inspiring people who are going through the exact same thing, hence why I feel very lucky to have met the other Schulich leaders Paul, Jennifer and Aliya.

Although it’s only been one semester, I am looking forward to the next seven. I hope that for each semester I’m here, I grow as a student and as an individual so that I can continue to give back to others with increasing knowledge and compassion.