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Attending university in my hometown made my transition to university easier

1 November, 2012

Brady Hooley

My first weeks at the University of New Brunswick Saint John have been more than I could have asked for! Attending university in my hometown has definitely made my transition to university easier, however the amount of work I have and the time I need to commit to it is a whole new experience. Being a recipient of the Schulich Leader Scholarship has made this transition easier in that I can focus on my studies rather than on financial matters. For that, I could not be more grateful to Mr. Schulich for his generosity.

Between schoolwork and the vibrant social life that comes with university, I have been kept quite busy but have still found time to do my part in helping the Saint John Community by volunteering for the Greater Saint John Community Foundation. With the foundation, I am helping to develop and deliver a “Vital Signs” survey to the youth of SJ that will indicate to the municipal government where change is needed. On campus, I took part in UNB’s annual “Shinerama” fundraiser for cystic fibrosis and regularly tutor friends and classmates. As for my courses, I was lucky to have taken AP courses and to have received credit for AP calculus. Avoiding having to concurrently learn calculus from scratch while adjusting to university style lectures and lab work has definitely been monumental in my adjustment to university. It is a whole new experience for me to be able to learn in a lab setting and I can already tell that it will be one of my favourite parts of university education.