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1 June, 2014

Joan Miguel Romero

As my first year of University has come to an end, I look back at the highlights of my experience. I am able to recount the strong friendships, the intellectual challenges, and the extracurricular involvements that have flashed before my eyes this past year. It is remarkable to realize how much one can change after the first year. But as you become accustomed to studying at University, you slowly regain your pace, and once again develop new methods for accomplishing your goals.
As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the most interesting yet challenging accomplishment of my first year experience was the Vic One Program. Now that I had absorbed as much information as I could about my research topic, it was time to use this knowledge to begin writing the culminating project of this course: the grant proposal. After months of hard work, it was incredible to recognize what we were able to produce. Despite what you think your limitations are, you are always able to achieve even more than you can imagine.
It was also an honour to represent my Vic One classmates and to give my remarks at the Victoria One Program Dinner. It was a privilege to have been the runner-up for the Victoria One Stick.
Needless to say, a sense of community involvement is paramount to the first year experience. As a member of Vic for a Cure (a club at Victoria College within the University of Toronto meant to raise awareness and money for cancer) I was able to continue my passion for fighting cancer. I will also be a Leader for Orientation Week, where I will share my experience as a first year student to help facilitate the transition between high school and University to new students.
I would once again like to thank Mr. Seymour Schulich for the amazing opportunity he has provided many students across Canada. It is an honour to be the recipient of this Scholarship.