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An Exciting and Successful Work Term with Suncor Energy

1 June, 2014

Nicole Shum

Last term, I had the wonderful opportunity of working at Suncor Energy as a Terminal Engineering intern in Mississauga, Ontario. As the Terminal Engineering intern, I provided support to terminal managers to ensure that the national terminal network is safe, reliable, and meets all regulatory requirements. Terminals are the important connecting points between the retail sites and the refineries for Suncor.

This role allowed me to manage several projects that added value to Suncor.
One of the main projects that I got to lead was the implementation and rollout of a Petroleum Tank Overfill Protection system for various terminals across Canada. On a daily basis, I was managing and updating different stakeholders, including terminal management, Supply demands and international pipelines. I also had the opportunity to assist in Risk Assessments and Process Hazards Analyses for this project, as well as learn about the different stages of project management.

My other tasks throughout the term included managing Engineering and Automation support requests, compiling safety statistics for various projects to steward safety, gathering and creating Process Safety Information for the terminals, as well as building a Contruction Work Package for a sampling manifold.

I also got heavily involved in the social culture at Suncor! Through the Suncor Social Club, I got to volunteer and attend several events. I even took my involvement a step further by taking on the role of event lead for the Annual Suncor Hockey Tournament. I am happy to say that the event was a success with over 200 participants and it was a fun-filled weekend for Suncor employees and their friends and families.

I have been asked to return to Suncor and come this Fall, I will be in a new position! I look forward to blogging about this experience next term.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Schulich and the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto for their continued support in my academic endeavors and work experiences.