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An Enjoyable First Year at York

1 June, 2014

Ben Shachar

My first year at York University was a challenging and gratifying experience. I feel that I have achieved significant personal growth and improved my ability to balance academic and extra-curricular commitments.

The winter term was very enjoyable and passed by much too quickly. I was fortunate to have several exceptional professors who gave me an even greater appreciation of science. I was especially fond of the Biology and Chemistry courses that I took in the winter term. I excitedly anticipate being able to take some of the higher-level Biology courses next year.

My involvement in clubs and organizations on campus provided a welcome reprieve from the often overwhelming requirements of school. Assisting my peers through tutoring was a particularly rewarding experience. Next year I will strive to increase my level of participation and time spent volunteering.

The Schulich Leader Scholarship has undoubtedly changed my life. The Scholarship has enabled me to pursue both my academic goals and my dedication to volunteering. I am eternally grateful to Seymour Schulich and those involved in the bestowment of the Scholarship.

I am eager for classes to re-start in September and look forward to even greater involvement on campus. For the first time, I feel accustomed to university life.