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Almost completed my second semester at University

1 May, 2013

Qadeem Salehmohamed

By this time, I have almost completed my second semester at University. I am doing well in all my classes, and I am satisfied with how I performed in my first semester. I think I mentioned this in my last blog, but I have spent this year living in Kelsey Tower in Lister Residence– the university’s main undergraduate residence.

Lister is the largest undergraduate residence hall in Canada. It is composed of four towers: Kelsey, Henday, Mackenzie, and Schaffer (which is just one of the many ways that Lister is similar to Hogwarts), but what makes this place so special is the amazing student culture. Here, students work together to govern themselves, enforce the discipline system, plan events, and elect residence leaders; I’ve never seen anything like it. In Lister, involvement isn’t just for a select few, almost everyone takes part, and getting involved in the student government is universally encouraged by residents. It’s a great feeling to be part of a community like this where I feel like my voice matters – this never really existed in high school.

Here, I’ve made some of the best friends of my life, making my first-year transition to university much easier. I have also developed interpersonal skills like I never had before – living with 30 people your age will do that. It has also taught me how to balance my social life with my academic commitments, and as a result, I’m doing even better this semester than last.

Earlier this year, I applied to become an Orientation Captain (weird name, I know) which is a second year student who lives in Lister and acts as a senior member of the floor to help acclimate new first-year students. And, I got accepted! I am super excited to return to this place that I love, and I am hopeful that next year might be even better than this!