About The Scholarship

Canadian Schulich Leader Scholarships are undergraduate scholarships for students intending to enroll in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas of study at a minimum of one of the 20 selected universities.

All Canadian high schools and secondary schools (not including Québec) may submit one Schulich Leader Nominee each. Cégeps (in Québec) may select two nominees each. Schulich Leader Nominees are selected by their individual schools and must possess at least two of three criteria:

1.     Outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership

2.     Academic excellence

3.     Financial need 

Once Schulich Leader Nominees are verified, they can apply their nomination to the participating universities in Canada where they intend to submit enrollment applications for undergraduate study for Fall 2015.  Enrollment applications must be submitted by each Schulich Leader Nominee no later than March 2, 2015.

Each participating university is responsible for selecting two Schulich Leaders for their respective institution. Schulich Leaders are selected from the pool of Schulich Leader Nominees put forth by the Canadian high schools, secondary school and Cégeps. One scholarship is valued at $60,000 CAD and is designated for a Schulich Leader pursuing a degree in a science, technology or mathematics (non engineer-based program).  The second scholarship is valued at $80,000 CAD and is designated for a Schulich Leader pursuing a degree in an engineering program.

The scholarship is distributed during each Schulich Leader’s term of undergraduate study and will start with the academic year commencing in Fall 2015.  Schulich Leader Scholarships are part of a $100 million gift in perpetuity on behalf of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Seymour Schulich Foundation.


***In addition to the Canadian program, Schulich Leader Scholarships is being carried out at five participating universities in Israel.