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A New Beginning

1 November, 2012

Jeff (Chi-Hung) Chen

My experience as a Schulich Leader at Simon Fraser University so far has been a journey that I will never forget. From the moment I nervously left home and moved into residence at the start of September, it has been a ride. Two months in, and I can happily say that I’ve adapted to the workload of a university degree and become a more independent person in the process. This semester, I am taking courses in four areas of science. This has allowed me to remain flexible and open-minded to all that the sciences have to offer. I am about to select my courses for next semester, and while I plan to continue on with the various biology, physics, chemistry, and calculus courses, I am also excited to take ENGL 199W – Introduction to University Writing. I wish to use this course to improve my writing and to help me better communicate and connect with others.

Outside of academics, I have found that living in residence has played a major role in my university experience. Living on a floor with twenty or so other first-year students that were equally as nervous as me (if that’s even possible) has eased my transition into living on my own. From eating in the dining hall together to competing against other floors in various sporting events to just relaxing, I have made many new friends. That has been one aspect that SFU has really excelled in: the faculty and the older students have done everything possible to make everyone feel welcome. Through various activities, they helped us to meet new people; they helped us to feel like we were a part of this big “city”.

I have also met many people through extracurricular clubs. I joined the SFU Chess Team, and just two weeks ago, experienced playing in a tournament for the first time. As well, I have been initiated into Phi Delta Epsilon (SFU Chapter). This is a fraternity of premedical students, medical students, and doctors. Through this fraternity, I have managed to meet many people who share the same career goal as I do. PhiDE is actively involved in the community, partnering with the Canadian Blood Services, various elementary schools, etc. Now that I have settled in, I plan to get more involved, to play a larger part in my community. Through PhiDE, I will continue to develop my leadership skills.

All in all, my first two months as a Schulich Leader at Simon Fraser University have been remarkable. I have really enjoyed the courses I am taking and I have made friends in many different areas. I have become a part of this new “city” and I am starting to get more involved. I am home.