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A New and Exciting Experience

1 June, 2015

Lucas Palmer

After a very long and interesting term of full-time studies, I am now officially done second year!  I have also finalized my academic program by adding a major in Computational Mathematics to my already existing majors in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.  
This summer, I am looking forward to going on the first co-op term of my degree.  As a 3D Software Developer at Side Effects Inc. in downtown Toronto, I will have the opportunity to get a taste of real world computer science while working with some very experienced programmers in a very established company.  The most well-known software that Side Effects produces is Houdini, an award-winning software used for high-end visual effects as well as 3D animation in film and videogames.  
I will also continue playing beach volleyball on the OVA beach tour.  Due to my co-op position this summer, I am unable to participate in the high-level training that I had the opportunity to be a part of last summer.  However, I am motivated and determined to continue playing the amazing sport of beach volleyball.  This past off-season, I was able to visit the gym 6 days a week because I decided to make my training just as important of a priority as my academics.  I’ll be heading down to the beach in the coming weeks, and can’t wait for another great season!
Thank you again to the Schulich Foundation for your continued support.  Have a great summer!