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A Lot of Chemistry and a Lot of Bed Pushing

1 January, 2015

Michael Gilbert

Well, another great semester at the University of New Brunswick is in the books! This fall, I have enjoyed a more rigorous, interesting array of courses as well as some new opportunities to get involved on campus and in residence.

As part of my medicinal chemistry program, I have had the pleasure of studying topics far beyond the scope of the topics introduced in first year. I had a hard time deciding what to major in, but I think I chose right. I thoroughly enjoyed my organic chemistry lab where I learned many important procedures such as chromatography, distillation and extraction. After taking this course, I feel much more comfortable working in a lab environment. I also took an English course as an elective. Moving away from STEM subjects was scary for me, but I think that taking the course has improved my written communication skills substantially, and I look forward to taking more electives in the arts to diversify my education.

Apart from academics, I was very busy this semester working as the charity rep for my residence, Neville Jones House. My job was to raise money for our house charity, Women in Transition House, a safe haven for women and children who are fleeing domestic violence. At the end of our fundraising endeavours, which included nightly canvassing, dances and karaoke nights, our residence pushed a bed a total of 120km- the distance from Fredericton, NB to Saint John, NB, to raise awareness for our cause. This year, we raised $13,300 for Women in Transition House! I think that this has been the most rewarding activity I have done since coming to UNB, and I am excited to continue working for our house charity next semester.

Overall, I think this has been my favourite semester at UNB yet. I learned. I pushed a bed vast distances. I laughed. What more could I possibly ask for?