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A Coast to Coast Road Trip

1 August, 2015

Vincent Rocheleau

After my first year of electrical engineering was done at Laval University, I left Quebec City, QC in May to go to Vancouver, BC to do a five week English immersion at The University of British Columbia with the Explore Program. It was such a nice experience to drive my car from my hometown in the province of Quebec to the beautiful British Columbia. I had the chance to see the Prairies and the Rockies which was very amazing! While I was doing my English immersion to improve mostly my speaking fluency in English, I had the chance to meet wonderful people from all around Canada. I made new friends that I will surely keep in touch with. Also, I visited Whistler, BC and Seattle, WA all of this while learning English. I am so grateful to Seymour Schulich who gave me this great opportunity to extend my English skills while travelling all around our beautiful country.
Also, right after my experience in Vancouver was over, I left for Green River, UT to rejoin my partners of the Laval University Aerospace Group to participate to the 10th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition. It is an important competition organized by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association. This event gave me the chance to meet many people from different universities across Canada and the US. We have launched our rocket named Blackbird in the basic category and had an amazing recovery a few hundred meters from where we launched it. It was so nice to be part of this great adventure and to learn a lot about the aerospace engineering field. I am still continuing to learn many different things that help me to work on our electronic board. I really think that nothing is more important than practicing what we learn in classes on a project that joins my interests. 
Finally, I want to give again many thanks to Seymour Schulich for the best summer I have ever had! All of these great opportunities would not be possible without this amazing scholarship.