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A big change from high school

1 November, 2012

Arpit Sharma

I started my first year as a Biochemistry major at York University on September 5, 2012 and my experience has been great so far. I am enjoying everything about University; from academics to extracurricular.

Going to University was a big change from high school; big lecture halls, thousands of students and huge campus with so many resources and facilities. Although the campus feels like a big city with 55,000 students and 7,000 staff members, but the whole environment at York is very welcoming and comforting. It feels great to sit with so many other passionate students and learn from such qualified teachers. There are so many opportunities and things to explore.

To enjoy University life to the fullest, I joined various student clubs and organisation. I was chosen as the Class Representative for my Chemistry and Calculus class and part of my job is to act as a liaison between Professors and the students. I bring any concern or recommendations brought up by the student to Professors. I also joined the Astronomy Club where all astronomy interested students come together and do different astronomy related activities like Star Gazing, Solar System Quizzes and Guest Lectures on current astronomy discoveries. I am also part of the York University Rover Team commonly known as YURT. YURT develops remotely-piloted Mars rover prototypes and participate in Rover Challenge organized by Mars Society and Lunabotics Mining competition by NASA. I work under the science sub team and we develop and test instruments used to detect life on Martian like surfaces. It is very exciting to work with this group because it allows me to apply the theor etical knowledge I learn in class.

I am honored to be chosen a Schulich Leader from York University and very grateful for the benevolent help provided to me .This enables me to fully concentrate on my studies without worrying about financial problems. To conclude, I am looking forward to enjoy rest of my time and make it the best four years of my life.